Four Items You Need For Routine Carpet Cleaning And Why

Four Items You Need For Routine Carpet Cleaning And Why

25 November

Like most homeowners, you probably hire a professional carpet cleaning service to handle deep cleaning your carpets. This leaves the routine cleaning in your hands. If you want to make sure your carpets stay clean between deep cleaning appointments, there are a few items you will need to keep on hand. Here are four of the main items you should have on hand for your routine carpet cleaning and why you should have each of them.

Spray Bottle

Spray bottles should be part of your carpet cleaning tool kit for several reasons. The first is to ensure that you are applying water or cleaning solution to a stain without saturating the area. If you use a squeeze bottle or pour the solution directly onto the stain, you risk making the stain run or causing a water build-up that will go through the carpet and padding. If this happens and the water is not removed properly, you could face water damage as well as mould and mildew.

Microfibre Cloth

A microfibre cloth is ideal for cleaning up spills and blotting stains out of carpets. It does not leave fibres behind on the carpet and it has a high absorbency. This makes it ideal to get as much liquid from the area as possible before you use a traditional steam cleaner or other carpet cleaning device.

Steam Cleaner

A carpet steam cleaner is a tool that will help you maintain your carpet between deep cleaning. Look for a steam cleaner that extracts the water as well as disburses the water and the cleaning solution. If possible, find a cleaner that keeps the dirty water and clean water in separate tanks rather than in the same tank separated by an industrial strength bag or other device. If you have deep carpet, high traffic areas exposed to mud and dirt, or if you have pets then consider a steam cleaner with rotating cleaning brushes to pick up pet hair and debris from deep in the fibres.

Fur Removing Brush

If you have pets, then a fur removing brush is vital to keeping your carpet maintained between carpet cleaning appointments. These brushes are usually made of nylon and resemble small, hand-held brooms. They pick up the pet hair and gently scrub it from deep in the carpet fibres. They can be cleaned by rinsing them off outdoors.

These are just four of the tools you need to maintain your carpet between routine deep carpet cleaning appointments. If you encounter a stain or cleaning issue that your normal carpet tool kit is not removing or taking care, contact your carpet cleaning professionals. They can schedule an appointment for the cleaning services you need. 

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